Collection Services - Residential & Commercial

With 14 years of experience we get the job done right!

Designed to Keep Customers on the Books

No matter what your recurring revenue model looks like, Hillcrest Davidson & Associates drives revenue back to the business in the most cost effective and efficient way.

In any and every market, we stand by the belief that there’s really no debt that’s not collectable, and we work with the latest technologies to keep it that way.

Our residential and commercial collection services keep money in your pockets and your customers current with active contracts.

Early Out

Hillcrest Davidson’s Early-Out program presents numerous unique advantages over the traditional collection plan. Specifically, when an account is designated for the early-out program, customers are immediately advised via a letter from our agency that their account has been placed with a collection agency and payment in full is due immediately. A sense of urgency is instilled in the mind of the customer which spurs motivation. The customer then has the option of contacting our agency to resolve the matter with one of our specially trained associates. Many clients find this to be a tremendous add-on to their current program because it allows them to gain customers back, therefore adding to their overall client base. This program is recommended for accounts 30 to 60 days past due or recently charged off accounts.


Our quest for the best technology enables us to work smarter, and recover more of your company’s accounts receivables in less time. We have researched, designed, and built our exclusive proprietary software which is coupled with leading edge skip tracing and assets review programs by our partners at all 3 of the major credit reporting companies.

Hillcrest Davidson & Associates provides the maximum efficiency in credit status by reporting to the three major credit bureaus on active debt accounts. Additionally, our partners at all 3 agencies report updated activity directly to us in an effort to lead contact times following new information.

Retention Program

Being able to capitalize on the specialized security experience of our senior management team has been invaluable for our retention program. It enables our collectors to maximize the contact with your customers by re-selling them on the intrinsic value of their purchase. Specifically, we not only collect the past due balance on their account (not the accelerated balance), but go a step further. We present compelling reasons to the customer, update their terms and conditions, as well as complete their initial terms by utilizing our retention skills developed from years of industry experience. Evidence of these retention skills are found in our ability to reinstate approximately 28% of the customers participating in this program.

Client Services & Benefits
Our unique value proposition includes:

  • No Collection – No Fee
  • Asset & Liability Investigations
  • Set Fee Schedule
  • In-House Legal Review Department
  • Early Out – Reinstate Program
  • Online Status Reporting and Account Review

Debt Collection Platform
Our proven processes and procedures include:

  • Multi-Tiered Letter Series
  • Skip Tracing/Debtor Locator
  • Professional Debt Collection Specialists
  • Debtor Credit Alerts
  • Credit Reporting: Experian, Equifax, Trans Union and D&B
  • Licensed & Bonded Infield Collectors (Commercial Accounts Only)

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